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2003-07-30 - 9:15 a.m.

At work there's this thing called the CRAC puzzle. It's kind of like a cryptoquip, except it's 20 seperate words that have no relation to each other. You have to guess what letter corresponds to the REAL letter. Just like a cryptoquip. The CRAC puzzle is an appropriate name, because it's at least as addicting as regular crack.

Yesterday, I finally did it. 18 submits and ZERO INCORRECT GUESSES! In YOUR FACE, JOSH! And anyone else who reads this and also knows the CRAC puzzle. I also had 7 submits and 5 incorrect guesss yesterday. Only 7 submits is pretty good.

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I wake up unhappy because of bad dreams I can't quite remember. I stay awake worrying about things that don't concern me too much during waking hours. Most of my concerns stem from the fact that my life is about to radically change. I'm all for getting out of the army, don't get me wrong. The army's been good to me, and there are a lot of aspects that I enjoy about it, but I really don't belong in an institution like this. Mark Twain has a quote about how the army is a master plan designed by geniuses for execution by idiots. I should bring it home from work and type it up here. It describes the army perfectly, and part of the irony is he wrote it over 100 years ago.

Not all of the army is bad. The part of the army that agrees with me is the routine. I'm so routine oriented that it's almost debilitating. For instance, I have eggo waffles every morning. 2 of them. If I'm out of waffles, I don't eat something else. I drop everything and drive to the store to go buy more.

I think I'm concerned about the transition period. Moving from one routine here to my new, as yet mysterious routine back home. In normal, every day life, I'm excited about this. It's right about when I go to sleep that all my doubts and worries surface. Where will I get my waffles? Will anyone miss me when I'm gone? Why did I procrastinate so much about college and paying off credit card debt?

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