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2003-08-26 - 9:26 a.m.

GOD DAMMIT! The Book is DELAYED. AGAIN. This time until APRIL 27th. GOD DAMMIT! That's almost a years worth of delays for this book. What a tease. A horrible tease. George Martin is now on my "to kill list." I bet he'll be able to finish those books in HELL.

I went home and cried. I was so excited. Now what am I supposed to do today. Isn't that excessive behavior over a book, you may ask? And I asked myself that earlier. Then I thought: no way. Books are my loves and my life; if not the whole of it, at least a part. A big part.

I also had to deal with an annoying sales lady.

Me: Is there a book reserved for me?

Her: Your last name?

Me: Sweetser

Her: Swenson?

Me: Sweetser

Her: you ordered these two cottage books?

Me: No, Swenson did. I'm Sweetser

Her: Swenson?


Her: S...?


Why is my name so God damn difficult for people. Have they never heard the word 'sweet' before?

This turn of events over The Book is doubly annoying because I could have gone over to Josh's last night and watched a movie or something, guilt free. I also could have gone out to the metro with Sean, who ended up calling me while I was on the internet last night. Or at least given a longer massage. Christ! That stupid George Martin.

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