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2003-12-08 - 11:06 a.m.

We moved the ping pong table out of the basement and into the garage last night (not an easy task) and played Scrabble with my Aunt Mary. My mom tried to convince us that Fuckin' A is actually only one word. I wasn't so creative, and my score reflected it. With all the reading I do, you'd think I'd be better at that game. Maybe with practice.

My speeding ticket only turned out to be $146.25. Considering I was going 33 miles over the speed limit, I suppose that's not so bad. The lady on the phone was very pleasant to me, not the bitch I was expecting to work for the police department. The people at the bank and post office were also very kind and funny. A smile and a hello seem to go a lot farther here in Minnesota than they did in Georgia.

Or maybe it's this new sweater I'm wearing. Minnesotans appreciate a good sweater.

Here's a weird thing; the infestation of ladybugs. Apparently they are not ladybugs but are some form of beetle, or so my father told me. They are all over the house, and specifically in my parents' bedroom. They were brought over from China to eat the aphids. 50 years later and the Twin Cities are crawiling with them. There is nothing you can do except vaccuum them up. (I have a suspicion my dad just wanted me to vaccuum his bedroom for him, but it did get rid of the ladybug imposters, albeit temporarily.)

I don't think I had the dreams I was hoping for last night. I can't remember anymore; the only thing I remember is being at FLTCE and wondering why I hadn't seen Cody yet. It's strange how much I still dream about him.

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