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2004-05-26 - 11:07 p.m.

Today it was sunny for the first time in days and days. It was windy during lunch time so Jacob and I still sat inside, but it was a balmy 61 degrees. Later on when I went running, it rained on me a little bit. That might be the secret for great running; I ran my fastest time yet, and beat my previous time by over a minute! 35:35 today.

I was very tired and didn't feel like doing much. I did some sit-ups and crunches and didn't do any lunges because my knee hurted. It's been hurting a lot lately, and even though I wore a brace today, it's still kind of painful. Not a big deal though, it's just stiff.

My dad came home with some Chinese food and we had a dinner together. He also came home with some disturbing news; Joe Sweeney has a disease that over the course of the next few years will leave him in a wheelchair. Joe is a close friend of my dad's. I can't remember what the name of this genetic disorder is... a- something. I'll think of it later I'm sure.

I think to make himself feel better about this news, my dad and I went out to Barnes & Noble to pick out some books and drink some coffee and tea. It was very pleasant. We also drove in


Which I also rode in on the way to work and back today, for the first time. What a smooth bullet that sucker is. Toyota Solara. Dad had some fun with it on the road, but I think Mom's still nervous about it. The car's speedometer goes up to 160 mph. 160 mph! When is anyone ever going to go that fast? I asked my dad this, and I could see the wheels turning in his head... I asked further and he said he was thinking about Montana... Nevada... Utah... those Western Highways. Still! I feel 160 mph is ridiculous on today's roads. Although I myself have not yet driven this magnificant new vehicle...

Yesterday's scrapbooking class was interesting in that there was a plethora of knowledge involved, and this knowledge about scrapbooks was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. One could easily spend $1,000s on scrapbooking supplies. I was content to use their cropping machine to cut down some pictures and watch the people interact. One person making a Confirmation book took up nearly all the instructor's time, but I didn't mind. She seemed like the kind of older woman who doesn't have much going on in her life and doesn't talk to strangers much. Her voice quavered when she asked questions.

I had a headache and purchased nothing, and went home and went to bed.

Currently, it's raining again. But it's a pleasant sound to go to sleep to. Tomorrow I have plans for a picnic at the Arboretum or however you spell it. I hope the weather is nice! Or at least adequate with a chance of improvement.

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