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2004-05-28 - 11:48 p.m.

Ataxia. This is the name of the disease.

"hurted" Where do I come up with words like "hurted" ?

The arboretium was great. Arboretium may or may not be spelled wrong. There were several strange "sculptures" for lack of a better word, including a "staircase" of sorts spiraling up a tree leading to one suspended, small seat, and a bunch of colorful ribbons expertly arranged dangling from another tree. I liked it.

I took several pictures and enjoyed spending time with all involved. Jacob went on about his discovery of an English infix in the word: a-whole-nother, and many were amazed at the properties of a knife my parents own and let us bring to the picnic to cut some bread. The knife was a tad over the top, as my mom explained to us that when they bought the knives the salesman used the knife to demonstrate that it cuts through a penny, and bread can be easily torn. We later talked about how much pressure must be needed to cut through a penny, and Jacob said it must be a lot otherwise the knife would start cutting through everything and be at the center of the earth before you knew it. I love Jacob's humor.

Arne loves flowers. He was distracted by all the flowers at the arboritum, particularly the wildflowers that we normally consider weeds here. He walked through my parents' garden and knelt down and touched the flowers, and my mom loved him from then on. Or so she told me today, as we shopped for my dad's birthday present. The birthday is tomorrow but we're celebrating it on Monday. I got him a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble as well as a Scrabble book. My mom got him a shirt and some pants, and a nice coffee maker. We'll see if he likes it; my mom is under the impression that he's going to get pissed off, which I don't understand. The man drinks coffee every day, and his current brewer is taking more and more time to brew some coffee. We'll see. After all, she is his wife, and clearly knows him better than I.

We also shopped for ourselves a little, and a song I've never heard before called "Sugar Shack" was playing. My mom started singing and I think the lyrics must be "get back to the Sugar Shack" or something similar. Mom said to me, we need to get back there. A salesperson asked, "Where did you get back from?" And my mom said, "The Sugar Shack." Like that makes any sense. I laughed and the salesperson thought I was laughing at her. Then my mom started laughing and we couldn't stop laughing in the store. Someone asked Mom if she'd had any drinks today. Something about Mom is that when she laughs really hard she has to go to the bathroom, so she started doing the peepee dance while laughing, also in the store.

Every day's an adventure.

I got some pieces of great news about future travel plans. One being that Josh is thinking about planning on driving back with me to Minnesota after I go to Columbus to visit apartments and do the orientation thing. The second is that Jimmie has the 4th of July off, and is able to drive up to D.C. to spend the 4th with my family and I. We will have 2 days after to drive back to Augusta together.

Could life get any better?

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