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2004-06-17 - 7:14 a.m.

Well, the d-land servers are loaded down right now and my gold membership expired, so I'm going to email myself this entry and cut-and-paste it later.

SO after the wedding, at which I read and it was nice, I took some pictures and sort of stayed out of the crowd just standing there and thinking and enjoying the sunshine. Jacob pulled me aside then and asked if I wanted to join him and Arne on a secret mission to Michaels arts and crafts for some wedding bells. You know the kind; the ones that you ring to get the bride and groom to kiss at the reception. These days, people are too good for the old clinking of the glasses routine... they have to get the special bells. We went to the wrong arts and crafts store first, and then found the bells. Then Jacob and Arne dropped me back off at my van and I got lost on the way to the reception. So I was late, and all the seats were taken by the people I knew so I sat next to Emily's mom and dad. This turned out to be wonderful, as we talked some politics and I really enjoyed it. I went around and recorded what people had to say about the wedding (not all of which was audible when I later replayed it) and took pictures (which turned out much nicer than the pictures I took of the wedding) and chatted with people. I drank wine and frankly, I can't remember how I spent much of the time. The food was stuffed mushrooms and smoked salmon and some other hors d'oervues or "orderves" as I believe it should be spelled. The cake, as typical of every wedding I've ever been to, was not something simple like vanilla or chocolate, it had an unplaceable fruit/cocoanut taste. I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again; if I ever have any say in a wedding cake, for god's sake, it's going to be either chocolate, vanilla, or marble. None of this weird shit. However, everyone else seemed to adore the cake. Or is it tradition to adore it no matter how it tastes?

The one incident that I won't forget is this: I actually caught the bouquet!

It was like she threw it right at me. I'm drying it in my closet right now and intend on giving it back to her, along with a scrapbook I've been having fun making, although I don't think it'll be done until Sunday, not the original Friday deadline I gave myself. SO we'll see if the tradition holds true and I'm the next to be married. Somehow I doubt it, but you never know... I'm not sure I know anyone else who's in love right now. The next marriage could be years away amongst our small group of chickipoo friends.

The man who caught the garter was TJ; actually him and Chuck caught it at the same time, and Chuck gave it to him. And it was not actually a garter; it was a makeshift one made out of a napkin since Katie was not wearing one. I think TJ will probably be the next one to marry; him and his girlfriend are perfect for each other.

After the reception, we all went to Bob's house and played Scruples, which Arne won. I met some new people who were a lot of fun to hang out with, from all over. All over being Chicago. I was one of the last people to leave, and if you don't count Seth who passed out on Bob's couch, I was the last one to leave. I was telling people during the evening that I was on a "political quest" which I guess is fairly accurate. I had a hard time with people in the military just blindly following whatever our president had to say just because he was the commander in chief and I enjoy discussions with people who have opinions other than "because he says so and he's our commander in chief." However, I'm now realizing how far the pendulum can swing in the other direction, meaning that some people are so willing to criticize that it doesn't matter if Bush has made some good decisions or not, he's always wrong. I'm sorry, "war is bad" is not a good enough reason for me, and certainly isn't a well thought out arguement. I enjoy discussing things with people who are passionate about a subject but not passionate about their opinions, meaning people who are willing to listen and debate and perhaps come out of the discussion smarter on the subject than when they started it; not the people who only talk to you to move you over to their side, and heaven forbid you argue against any of their weak points. There's no talking to these people, except to see where the blind are coming from. And there's a lot of blinded people out there.

Well that's it for tonight. I'll try and get more in tomorrow, but the priorities this week are finishing that scrapbook and Operation: Stereo.

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