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2004-11-23 - 10:03 p.m.

I dreamed a weird dream about Gonzo last night, that I was vacationing in Mexico with him and his family. We were sitting in a car and maybe we were arguing, I don't remember, but some guy who I think owned the place told us to quiet down, and he doesn't know why we went there, but people come there to heal their soul. Then I remember being in the hotel room and feeling like there was something wrong. I made the excuse of taking a shower to put off being intimate, and I went in and noticed there were about 5 different kinds of shampoo, all with food themes. Honey nut, Cucumber melon, etc. I went out of the bathroom to tell Gonzo about it, and he was unpacking all kinds of food. His parents vacation with their own wholesale food to cut down on costs.
I woke up thinking how weird it was that I was dreaming about someone I was dating well over 4 years ago. Maybe I'm cleaning out my closet in my dreams and will dream about all of my ex-lovers one by one and apologize to every one of them for whatever it is I did to them. I don't remember apologizing to Gonzo in the dream, but I did feel better after being awake and thinking about it for awhile. It seems like kind of a shame that just about everyone I've ever dated I no longer am speaking to. Most of them were good friends at one point or another.

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