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2003-07-14 - 1:31 a.m.

These past few days have been filled with all sorts of comings and goings. All manner of happenings and carryings ons.

Thursday morning, Sean, Josh, and I left for Savannah. Riding in the back of Josh's Mustang wasn't the pleasant experience I was anticipating. It was very warm and very windy. By very windy I mean I had a hard time brushing out my hair after I got out of the car because it was wiiild, and by very hot I mean that the temperature read 102 degrees outside, and I got out of the car and felt it was quite cool. We came to the concensus it wasn't 102 degrees and the bank we drove by must have been full of shit.

Going on a short trip with two guys, the last place I thought we'd be going to would be the mall. Ironically, it was the first. The guys went shopping. I went to the bathroom. The nice thing about waiting on guys to shop is that you never have to wait for very long, and by the time I was back from the restroom they were pretty much finished. I bought some pina colada Jelly Belly Jellybeans from a dispenser. I've never seen Jelly Belly beans sold like that. For a quarter I got about 10 beans. I was tickled.

We ate at a mexican restaurant and killed time until Josh's sister got home from school. We stayed at their apartment. I was very impressed with her artwork; she is in Savannah for art school. I really liked their apartment.

That evening we went downtown for dinner. I ordered crab legs and shared some with Sean, who had never had crab before. Can you imagine it? We went to play pool after this at some pool hall. Normally whenever I play pool, I make a fool of myself because I'm notoriously bad at the game. This time was no exception to my usual skill level, however I didn't feel particularly foolish because we all sucked ass. At least in my memory that's how it worked.

That night, a most traumatic experience back at the apartment. I lost at Clue.


I haven't lost at Clue in a long time.

Sean and Josh slept on the floor and I took the couch. Josh is a kind soul like that, but I bet Sean would have laid claim to it if I hadn't first. I slept very well. I woke myself up early to my alarm so I could read, but found myself too sleepy, so I went back to Dreamland. When I woke up I noticed I was lovingly clutching my book, and it was then that I realized that maybe there was a valid reason I being teased about it so much. I can't help it; I love good books more than I love almost anything else. Well, I suppose I could help it if I tried, but for God's sake why would I want to?

That day we watched a movie and lounged around the apartment, including by the apartment pool, waiting for Sara and her husband to get done with work and school, respectively. We went out to eat at a burger joint in town, which was delicious, but I doubt the food I ate there spent more than 2 seconds in my entire digestive system. Well, maybe 2 hours. The food was tasty though.

We walked around, and one of Sara's friends joined us. We eventually went to the dueling pianos bar in Savannah that I like so much. I learned my lesson though: don't go there on a Friday or you won't get your request played unless a miracle happened. I think the boys weren't really enjoying themselves either.

The piano player Joe that I'm secretly in love with actually remembered me. He claimed he didn't come up to our table to chit chat because I was surrounded with guys. (thanks guys) I did get the chance to talk to him a little bit at least, and I said I had no recollection of promising to call him or putting his card in my underwear last time I was there. He said he remembered me shoving my tongue down his throat in the back room, and I was about to protest that I didn't remember that either, when it came to me that I DID actually do that. Alas, I was with other guys at the bar that night (thanks guys) and nothing nearly so exciting happened that particular night.

I think we just went home and went directly to bed that night. No Clue rematch.

The next morning, back to Augusta. I've never heard so much butt rock in my life, but I wasn't the one driving, so I made no effort to ask about a music change. Anyone who drives all that way deserves to listen to whatever the hell music they want.

Something I realized is that 2 days is about all I care to spend with Josh and Sean together. Seperately they're great guys, and together I'm sure they're also great, but when they're together with me they don't have much to say to me except to tease me about something. I was about to get to the point where it really annoyed me, when we were back in Augusta and things were cool again, because I wasn't around them together. If it had been another day down there, I would have said something. If for some reason there's ever some kind of chance to do some kind of extended trip with those two again, I'm going to see if I can't convince some other chick to come along to dilute the teasing a little. I can't think of another chick I'd care to spend that much time on some sort of trip, though.

Conversely, I hope I didn't irritate them too much with some sort of personality quirk I'm unaware of because it was too small for either of them to mention. Hopefully I made a good enough impression as someone good to travel with that we may do it again sometime. I had a great time, and it was great getting away for awhile. Even though it was only two nights, I feel it qualifies as a vacation.

Other things have happened since I got back to put me in the foulest of foul moods, but at the moment I've done enough writing, and my precious book is calling my name.

cooommmmme to meeeee heatherrr, you knoooowwww you want meeeee

I love you too, literature!

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