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2003-08-13 - 8:41 a.m.

I've read my previous d-land entries, and I had to laugh. "What's wrong with me! I don't like jet skis!" I chalk it up to the sensitive period before the actual period. I used to loudly proclaim that the monthly flow doesn't affect me! It's just a hassle to bleed out of my vagina for days on end, with no control over it, that's all! But as I get older, either it's affecting me more and more, or I'm getting more in tune with myself. Both are possible.

Don't trust something that bleeds for five days and won't die. A statement Jake was particularly fond of.

Now that I can carry my life beyond the Jon debacle, and the fit of severe depression about it has passed, I can write about the fun and exciting times living the high life in Minnesota.

Dinner at Liz's house last week was excellent. We all made our own pizzas, and my pizza sucked. I made my pizza dough into the shape of a heart, slathered it with olive oil and a man-sized handful of minced garlic, dumped every cheese known to man on it, with a few pieces of chicken at the tip of the heart, because I wasn't sure if I'd like the chicken. Goat cheese? Bring it on! Chicken on pizza?? Wellll, I'll try it... Needless to say, I ate a lot of salad. There was a platter of champagne grapes with peaches, and I'm not a fan of grapes, but these little champagne grapes were excellent. Tiny little grapes with a burst of flavor. "Distilled down to the essence," as Katie said.

Life at the Gay 90s was fun. The drag show was excellent. We went down to The Saloon beforehand, to meet Jacob's new friend Tim. We didn't stay there long, and let me just tell any girl who 1) is in Minneapolis 2) is thinking about going to The Saloon and 3) just happens to be reading this: DON'T GO. It's definetly a gay man's bar, women not welcome, thanks, no matter the orientation. The Gay 90s is apparently not where gay people go to hang out, although the male go go dancers were great. I was jealous, because there's a secret room you can only get to through the men's bathroom (clever!) where there's more go go dancers.

The Gay 90s is a massive bar, and by massive, I mean there's multiple levels, many different bars within this bar, and so many rooms I don't think I visited them all. We went upstairs to watch the show, and man! it was great. The most memorable moment was this big black queen dressed up in 80s style as Cindi Lauper, singing Girls Just Wanna Have fun, and Bob laughing and smiling and saying "I love this song!" He went up with a dollar to give her and stood there with his dollar outstretched, and told her she was beautiful. Fabulous! Not to mention, the Red Bull and vodka I ordered was only $4.50, and came with the entire can of Red Bull and a giant glass filled up to the brim with vodka.

Being up at Sara and Ken's cabin was a lot of fun, although somewhat poisoned to me because I was ready to leave way before everyone else was. The cabin is lovely. They named it Rivendell, which I liked. Words cannot express the loveliness of this cabin. Woodwork everywhere, hand carved wood slats on the walls, big round wooden beams on the ceiling. A wooden table with benches, a lighting fixture made to look like a ring of pine trees, leather couches, and this being Ken's cabin, a wine cellar. He opened up a bottle of Old Benson, which is a Tawny Port wine, and gave me a little bit of it. He also opened a bottle of red wine, I think it was a zinfandel, and about 10 different glasses, to show us the difference a wine glass can make. He has a filter and said to always pour red wine through a filter, so now I just have to get one, of course. I was astounded at the difference the type of wine glass makes on the taste and bouqet of the wine. It really does! He also gave me a tip about Savignon Blancs, which I will pass on here, and that is to only purchase them from New Zealand. Apparently the difference is remarkable.

In case you hadn't already drawn this conclusion, mystery reader, Ken's a big wine guy. It's his hobby, and he certainly has the money for the finer wines. I just like drinking it, and it's always fun to drink wine with someone who loves it as much as Ken does.

He also gave me the ultimate Mai Tai recepie:

3 shots Myers Rum (dark Jamacian)

3 shots Triple Sec (cointrou orange flavor)

3 shots Malibu Rum

3 shots 151

dash of bitters

1/2 fresh lime, squeezed

1/2 cup lemon sour/lemon juice

dash of cherry juice

mint sprig

small can of dole minced pineapple

1/2 container of orange pineapple mango juice

mix in pitcher with ice

It's delicious.

I had kind of hoped to go to a Twins game while I'm here, but I haven't brought it up, because I don't think I'm going to be able to fit it in with all the other things I want to do. It makes me think back to a summer when my dad had free baseball tickets. Jeffy and I wanted to see Randy Johnson pitch, so we got tickets for a night in September, when the Twins were playing the Mariners. That night rolled around, and both Jeffy and I had made other plans, so we ended up not going. Dad was disappointed. I don't remember what it was that I was doing that night instead, but now I wish I had gone to go see Randy Johnson pitch instead.

My dad takes his coffee 1 cream, 5 sugars. What a guy.

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