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2003-08-17 - 10:48 a.m.

I would like to be juvenile for a moment and state that the previous entry was entry #69. Interesting that it had been mostly about love. When you get down to it, maybe it's all about sex, after all.


I'm back in Georgia now, in my messy apartment. I was thinking to clean it today, hopefully I still will. Sean in his infinate wisdom cleaned out the litter box but put the crap in the kitchen trash and left it there, so now my apartment smells like crap. I wonder if he noticed I actually have Patchouli incense. He teases me about it at work. Why? Because he acts like a fuckin retard pretending to be an intellectual. If he'd just be his regular intellectual self I bet he'd be a cooler person. Well, he would be to me, and perhaps no one else in the GRSOC, which I still would consider to be an improvement in his social disposition. Mostly because I think a lot of myself on occasions such as right now. No reason. Or maybe it was this sweet note that Jon left. I miss him.

The last couple of days home were nice. We went out to Outback Steakhouse the last night, and by we I mean my parents and my brother, Seth and Jacob, my crazy Uncle Paul, and my grandma. We all got to varying stages of drunk, all except my brother who's still underage, and my dad who's been dry now for over 10 years I think. After dinner, we tried to get to this liquor store, which turned out to be only 2 stores away from Outback. How many Sweetsers does it take to get to the liquor store? At least three. I think the people at the store got a kick out of us, wandering around and picking up various liquor. I got a basket but put nothing in it. We all went up to the cash register with our arms full of bottles, and one empty basket. My mom saw a bottle of vodka that was in the shape of a gun, and said "cool" and we brough it up to the register. When we were paying for it, she said "who picked up this dumb piece of shit." You did! There was much laughing and carrying on. And that was BEFORE people showed up.

In the end it was a pretty good party, alot of Jeffy's friends showed up, and everyone I called with the exception of James showed. People played a fun looking game called apples to apples, but I was busy talking to Jamie. He's a good guy and it's too bad he's moving to Texas, although I think that only for selfish reasons. Colin just happened to call that day so I invited him, and it's always good to see that guy. He exists on a level of reality that is fun to touch. The man's crazy.

For all the earlier difficulties I was having with Jon leaving, it turned out to be a good trip. I'll miss playing bridge with my family, and calling people up and having them happy to hear from me. I'll miss sitting outside and looking at the garden in the mornings. I'll miss Jeffy's crazy ass stories and that show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Next time I'll be home, it will be for good!

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