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2004-04-25 - 12:19 p.m.

The past couple of days will be remembered as: Big Breakfast Weekend. Yesterday we ate at Sobas, a trendy but delicious breakfast place in Uptown. Today we had fancy pancake batter with fancy syrup and whipped cream and strawberries here at home. It was fantastic.

Yesterday after breakfast, we went to a print/drawing fair at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It was disappointing in the sense that everything was way beyond my price range, and none of it grabbed me as a truly stand out piece that I would love to own, or even spend more than 5 minutes looking at. They did have a drawing by Edward Munch there, which I thought was interesting. Not the drawing itself, but the fact that they would have a Munch piece at this art fair. It might have been a print, but in either case it was signed by the man himself. It was selling for $48,000.

Anything that Chuck Hamilton has done was way better than anything at that fair. In my admittedly biased opinion.

We went through the gallery, which has a lot of interesting pieces, and I enjoyed it. I thought I recognized a picture that I had stared at and had a class about when I was taking drawing and painting lessons there when I was 6. I was taken aback when I realized that there was no way to know if I had seen that painting when I was 6 or not. If only I had kept a journal back then!

The real find there was a book in the gift store: The Great American Pin-Up. Pages of paintings of beautiful women from the 50s era, and stories about the various pin-up artists. Apparently there's a whole "dropped panties" genera of pin-ups. I had no idea. It will be a proud coffee table book to go next to my Alex Grey book someday.

Later on yesterday, Mom and I went to the outlet mall. We bought a bunch of clothes, and by "we" I mean "she." I always feel extremely guilty when my parents give me money; I already feel like a leech who's taking a long time to get started in life. Whatever getting started means. But we had fun and they never seem to mind, especially considering how many thousands of dollars they spend on my brother each month. I try not to judge myself by measuring up to other people, though. TRY being the operative word.

Today my cousin's son Nicholas is getting baptized. We'll go out there and celebrate his baptism and enjoy the pleasure of each other's company, and I won't get much accomplished in the way of anything tangible. I would like to start copying some of these beautiful women in the book I now have. Maybe tonight.

The most amazing thing happened this weekend. As if art fairs and baptisms aren't enough! When we got home from the Institute of Arts on Saturday, a package was waiting on the steps. A box of flowers! From Jimmie! We opened them up and there were so many roses that it took two vases to fill them. Light and dark pink roses and other pretty flowers I cannot name. AND a box of Ghirardelli chocolates. The message was: Hope you have a nice day! So there was no reason to send the flowers outside of having a little extra money. I just keep thinking, how did I get so lucky? How has this man been single for so long? Where did this guy COME from? And, more pessimistically, how long is this going to last?


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