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2004-04-30 - 9:20 a.m.

I recalled a former extremely funny phrase/word that I wanted to incorporate into everyday language about a year ago: substandard.

This was coined while Jacob, Arne, Cody and I were hanging out in Garmisch, Germany one night. Someone made some comment about how the drinks (or something similar) was substandard, which struck us all as being hilarious. Somehow today, this word bubbled up from a year ago and I called my Friday blueberry scone "substandard" this morning. I thought back to my life a year ago, when Cody and I were emailing each other with titles like "Substandard Iraqi War."

The more things change, eh?

The secured room here at work has a frosted glass designed window next to the door, nearly impossible to see through, but placed in an effort to make the person locked inside feel less claustrophobic one presumes. Az, who works in the secured room, told me this morning that yesterday he was walking up to the room and saw somebody peering into the glass trying to look inside. "I said nothing to him, I just smiled. He looked up and his face was yellow, and he said nothing to me, just walked away. What I have in here? All night I was thinking about it. Are there monkeys dancing? Do I have girlfriends in the room, am I you know, drinking? Why he was doing this? It is funny." I told him the Paperclip Story and we had a laugh about that too. The people who work here!

I got a kick out of Az's first description of what the man must be seeing was dancing monkeys.

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