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2004-08-26 - 3:33 p.m.

The weirdness at work continues.

Tuesday the sign was "DO IT RIGHT!" and we got tiny boxes of cheap crayons. Wednesday it was "Resolve it Fast!" and we got erasers in the shape of a converse all-star type shoe. Today it is "KEEP it Consistant!" and we got tiny rulers in the shape of a zoo animal. The ruler is so far the most useless thing we've received; it's only three inches long, and who needs to measure something that would be less than three inches often enough to keep that around. Also today there is the curious addition of the phrase "quality is..." in front of "KEEP it Consistant!"

Quality is keep it consistant? What is that supposed to mean? But the best part about today's phrase is that the lettering in it isn't consistant at all. You would think they would keep it in all capital letters or something.

Also today we got pizza for filling out the company survey. They gave us all pizza without checking whether or not we actually did the survey, or even if we're qualified to do the survey in the first place. I myself will participate in no survey, but they seemed very concerned about whether or not I ate any pizza.

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