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2004-08-27 - 2:59 p.m.

Today, the last and final day at work, we got cheap pens that had tacky $100 print on them, and the motto was Agent Loyalty! with a quality = in front of it. We are in fact so loyal to agents that even when we get a request to change the agent of a policy or contract, we'll wait for months until we do it.

Yesterday my parents and I went to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was lovely, fabulous, fun, and very very tasty, as I've come to expect from The Melting Pot experience. TJ stopped by and got some free admission tickets to Canterbury from me, and later Jacob joined us. He was getting a ride with us to the races. We drove there after dinner and met Emily and her boyfriend Robert, Seth and his friends Mike Maara and Ryan's (The Spiller's) younger brother, and TJ and Amber later. My dad was also there. We saw the most beautiful double rainbow right over the track; a complete arch. The sky was a bright orange behind us, and it was beautiful. Mike made $2 bets on the same horse, Force of Power, to win, to place, to show, to win place show, and to win place. The horse ended up winning and he raked it in. Beginners! I envy them.

However, I did win later with a horse called World Class Smile. I made a $3 bet to show and it came in second... I won $16.50 and was pretty stoked about it. I chose World Class Smile because I had some dental work done yesterday in preperation for my veneers and my front 6 teeth on the top row are all fucked up, so my smile is currently ridiculous. The horse seemed appropriate for me. And it was!

As dad and I were driving home together, we looked up and I saw the brightest shooting star I have ever seen. I was scared at first; it was falling straight down and it seemed as though it may have been a chunk of an airplane or some sort of missle. Then it winked out and I realized it was a star, just as my dad was saying, "Did you see that shooting star?"

What a night!

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